E sports, or commonly referred to as electronic sports, are gaining more and more popularity within the younger audience. The freedom of playing variety of champions, all unique when compared to others, without needing to spend money has become the go to choice for every teenager. The opportunity to meet new people on daily basis, and always share new experiences is what gives this type of games priority over other video games.

League of Legends, commonly referred to as LoL, is currently sitting on the top of the charts for most played MOBA game for the past few years. What makes this game different from the other is the unique experience you get from playing different champions. The game currently owns over 115 different champions, all having a different touch, and lore which introduce a new world to the player. All the champions have 4, some champions have more, abilities which correspond with their role. The variety of champions this game offers makes the experience you get from playing vivid and unforgettable.

The inside you get from the lore is what makes this game interesting. The game offers a glimpse to what is happening in the world of League. Each champion belongs to a different tribe and has different role in the world of League. While some champions are consider evil and undisputed some are friendly and only make the living in the world of League interesting and fun.

Champions are divided in few main roles, such as mages, fighters, marksmen, supports, tanks, and they all play vital role in winning the game. Tanks, are the front line of the team. They absorb damage while the marksmen and mages do the biggest damage. Supports help the marksmen survive through the lane phase and transition into monster carry which will do the most physical damage in the team. Junglers, mainly fighters and tank, help lanes win by ganking in the first twenty minutes of the game. A good team synergy is what wins the game so choose carefully what you play.

As the game fluidity goes, there is different synergy between champions. The interaction between different abilities can change the outcome of the game and decide which of the two opposing teams will win the fight and game.

Streaming sites, like twitch, offer players gameplay from which players can get the basics of the game. Also, you can gain more experience by watching games and take advantage of play style by other people ranked higher than you.

Ranking is the system which divides people into several brackets by how skilled they are. Elo is what you gain by winning games and it is what determinates your division. Starting from bronze climbing to silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master tear and finally challenger, are the brackets you can be ranked in. At the end of each season you get free skin and champion, only acquired if you are ranked gold or above. This skin cannot be bought in the store as it is exclusive for players who managed to get to gold or above.

Overall, League of Legends is MOBA game which offers a fun and exciting way to relax for few hours a day. The variety it offers is what makes the game interesting and appealing to people. So if you want to try something new and entertaining you should definitely start playing League of Legends. I hope you won't run into many trolls. Have fun!