D.O.T.A. - Defense Of The Ancients

"The constant battle, good versus evil, vividly depicted in the constant devastating battles between the dire, representing the darkness and monstrosity, devastation of grounds and thirst for blood, against everything good and giving, the Radiant"

Defense of the ancients, aka DOTA, is one of the most played MOBA games for the past few years. Depicting the constant battle between the two main forces, good and evil, introduces the player to a breathtaking story and fun and relatable experience. Starting from the various sound effects which correspond to current in game situations, climaxing to the precise environmental representations DOTA, arose above everything the other online MOBA games offer to the player.

Like all the other MOBA games, DOTA revolves around securing objectives, destroying structures and finally destroying the opponent's base, called the "Ancient" building. Divided in two opposing teams ten players, 5 each, work together and gradually gain advantages over their enemy resulting in victory for either the Dire or the Radiant.

Unlike in the first sequel of DOTA normal mode, there is no difference in which heroes can fight for each faction. But what differ between the two sides is how the map is laid out and how the main objectives of the game are placed. Obviously this is crucial for the balance of the game and the gameplay in general from a balance perspective since every nuance in the map design can affect the chance of winning for each side. From things like access to Roshan, warding, jungle farming patterns and optimization, to defensive positions, are all significant. By discovering and abusing these slight differences you can change the outcome of the game and decide whether one or the one team wins.

Although, there might be tiny differences that the professional scene has still not discovered and may become significantly important in the future of DOTA as of the present state there are not many key points that are going to change.

The ongoing international tournaments, with price pool exceeding 18 million dollars, made this game the most funded eSports game in the history. People with high experience enter the competitive field of gaming dedicating their time to playing for hours on daily bases. Streaming grew the popularity of this game. Pro-players record or live stream their games and give the new player an inside of the game, what champions are strong and current and what champions they should avoid playing as they need extensive game knowledge.

Whether you want to relax and want to forget about your daily problems, DOTA and the other online games give you an opportunity to feel the advantages gaming offers. With a pool of over 100 different champions and various abilities and items DOTA represents what true a MOBA game should look and feel like. Whether you will be joining the forces of good or evil victory can be in the grasp of your hand if you play your cards right. Tune in and let's see who will acquire victory and dominate the battlefield!