Counter Strike

"There's a sickening sensation to dropping someone dead because you know they're not coming back."

As we all know, the last few years in gaming were mainly dominated by MOBA games. Their detailed graphic and hundreds of different heroes and weapons mixed with some fine sound effects and few other people with whom you share the same passion surpassed all the other online games. But what the games from the new era lack is the good old first person shooting games.

Counter strike Global Offensive managed not only find its relevance among the MOBA games but was also among the top ten played games worldwide.

Although it has a rough start, with more than minor flaws, after few patches Counter Strike GO had the breakthrough no one really expected. It had such a success that at one point was even the most streamed game.

But what did people find so appealing to start playing Counter Strike?

Defusing bombs, shooting chickens, desperate knife overkills etc.. People for a moment went back to the core of gaming and experience the real trill sitting on the verge or their chair waiting for the HEADSHOT.

Hundreds of different maps, near 100 weapons, and thousands of online servers made the online gaming as real as possible. The game advanced so much compared to the predecessors that the more you knew about the more confusing the game became.

Growth is an important factor in Global Offensive especially if you're coming into Counter-Strike fresh or you just know the basics. Being solely skill-based first-person shooting game, it forced you to rethink your strategies twice before going confidently in making the gaming experience extremely hardcore.

Contrary to MOBA games, your mistakes cost you lot more gaming experience when playing Counter Strike GO. Being killed is permanent and it takes quite the time while the round plays until the end. Mix of accuracy, patience and most of all prediction are the main ingredients to a good CS player. To make things even more complex being defeated in a round gives you minimal income so you need to strategies better in order to have the funds to buy certain necessities.

First person shooting games were the original hardcore games that change the gaming world. No replacement can ever be made. Counter Strike Global Offensive is the dream game of every shooting gamers fan. Defusing bombs, rescuing hostages, headshot-ing people from distance is something that MOBA games will always lack. Knifing someone from the back and countless other tricks which made the gaming fun can never be changed nor forgotten. The blood covering the walls after you killed someone or got killed can never be the same as the dust vanishing deaths in MOBA games. Maybe the bright colors and detailed graphic is more appealing but the true gaming will always lay within the shooting games. I need assistance... HEADSHOT.