ESports in 2016

The past few years the internet has made a drastic change to the flow of our lives. While some think the internet is the hazard of the 21 century, many found shelter in what the internet has to offer. Some made new friends through the social sites, like Facebook, Twitter and so on, and major group of people, most of whom are teenagers, started playing online MOBA games..

Esports, competitive video gaming, has had a huge impact on how people see gaming and what potential benefits it brings. Based primarily on the aspects of the sport facilitated by electronic systems, electronic sport have flourished in the shortest time possible, as people can easily access and play online games without having to pay a single penny. The market offers extensive number of different games one can choose from. Whether you like stagey connect to avatars, where you can choose heroes, as they are referred to, or you like relaxing arcade games everyone can find something that suits his person style.

Increasing number of people took the gaming a bit further, as more and more completive scenes are taking place. People who are actually good at a game or two can enter the competitive branch of gaming. Tournaments all over the world are organized daily and we are not talking about little money. Price pools vary from 500.000 to 2 million dollars. Now, can you imagine earning a million just by playing a game professionally?

When people say online games are nothing more than a way to aimlessly spend your spare they can never be more wrong. Esports were also classified as Olympic sports, few years ago, so it is only fair to say that they have had great impact on how gaming is seen nowadays. While some people work 8 hours a day every day of the week some stay in front of the computer and earn the same if not more money.

In addition, online streaming sites are starting to grow popularity. Many profession players stream their game live for few hours almost every day, and people, fans, watch their favorite gamer online. The potential for learning something new and gaining more experience in the game is what people usually expect to get from doing this. Moreover, streamers earn money, both from donations from fans and subscriptions, extra income never hurt anybody.

So, whether you like playing electronic games just for fun and you want to relax yourself or you want it to become a full job of yours, online gaming is what you are looking for. Games such as League of legends, DOTA and DOTA 2, CS, StarCraft ... are indeed becoming the future of online live. So next time when you say gaming is only waste of time, think about it twice, because someone dedicated his/her life t it and their success and earning show you that it is completely the opposite.