ESports in 2016

The past few years the internet has made a drastic change to the flow of our lives. While some think the internet is the hazard of the 21 century, many found shelter in what the internet has to offer. Some made new friends through the social sites, like Facebook, Twitter and so on, and major group of people, most of whom are teenagers, started playing online MOBA games..

Esports, competitive video gaming, has had a huge impact on how people see gaming and what potential benefits it brings. Based primarily on the aspects of the sport facilitated by electronic systems, electronic sport have flourished in the shortest time possible, as people can easily access and play online games without having to pay a single penny. The market offers extensive number of different games one can choose from. Whether you like stagey connect to avatars, where you can choose heroes, as they are referred to, or you like relaxing arcade games everyone can find something that suits his person style. In regards to pure esports there are great sites like esportsbettingpros that dedicate 100% to hardcore esports and betting.

Counter Strike

As we all know, the last few years in gaming were mainly dominated by MOBA games. Their detailed graphic and hundreds of different heroes and weapons mixed with some fine sound effects and few other people with whom you share the same passion surpassed all the other online games.


Defense of the ancients, aka DOTA, is one of the most played MOBA games for the past few years. Depicting the constant battle between the two main forces, good and evil, introduces the player to a breathtaking story and fun and relatable experience. Starting from the various sound effects which correspond to current in game situations, climaxing to the precise environmental representations DOTA, arose above everything the other online MOBA games offer to the player.